Healthcare IT Support

IT Support for the Healthcare Industry

Protecting personal information and highly sensitive clients’ profiles is what we do best.
We offer an assurance plan designed to protect your server and registered workstations
from unwanted software failures or potential system crashes.

We offer expert support services for professionals in the healthcare industry. This includes dental clinics, chiropractors and surgeons as well as general practitioners. Improved staff performance and noticeably better productivity is what you can expect.

CompTSS employs the latest and most advanced strategies, techniques and technology to ensure completely secure and reliable networks, server configurations and hardware
compatibility as well as preventing software issues

Assurance Plan


Initial Comprehensive Setup

Our initial setup includes required licenses and hardware. As an added bonus we evaluate, enhance and register all assured systems.

Multicomputer Coverage

CompTSS can help you maintain your multi-computer system in the most efficient, organized and secure way possible for up to five computers.

Quick Response

Guaranteeing minimum downtime, expert data recovery and the highest levels of digital security means delivering on the promise of remarkably fast response times.

Low Monthly Fee

CompTSS maintains low monthly fees for clients who have a specific business budget in mind. We understand “cost control” and can help you to achieve your goals.

Periodic On-Site Checkups

To achieve the highest levels of reliability and digital security, CompTSS provides businesses with require on-site checkups for networks and infrastructure.

Additional Systems

CompTSS is diverse in its IT knowledge base and skill sets. We routinely work with a full array of additional systems on demand and as needed.

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Dr. James Le

| Chiropractor Herniated Disc Specialist

As professional healthcare providers we have been very pleased with the services offered by CompTSS. The team was friendly, courteous and exceedingly knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of healthcare related IT infrastructure services. CompTSS comes highly recommended by our healthcare office.

Why Choose Our Company

CompTSS is more than just an IT infrastructure services provider and Internet marketing firm. We are a team of dedicated professionals that strive to deliver the absolute best in client satisfaction. CompTSS has a proven track record when it comes to achieving real and measurable results for health care industry businesses as well as a wide range of other business concerns across the country.

We know that your success is our success. That is why we work within your budget and time constraints to help you achieve virtually uninterrupted uptime. As an added bonus we provide impressive digital marketing and online branding services, CompTSS is a trusted and respected expert in the industry. Call our friendly staff today to learn more about world-class IT infrastructure services and online marketing strategies that are designed to work.