A Team of Houston IT Professionals

CompTSS is a unique and highly innovative expert in IT services and solutions. We, Team of Houston IT Professionals, pride ourselves on delivering responsive professional services that are designed to improve productivity as well as add greater online visibility. Our team of professionals specialize in a wide range of Internet marketing solutions, IT support for the healthcare industry and impressive website design services.

We bring a combined level of experience to the table that is measured in decades. Our company is dedicated and committed to hard work and cutting edge state-of-the-art innovation. The main objective is to help our clients achieve their goals when it comes to exceeding industry standards in IT infrastructure uptime and Internet marketing related services.

CompTSS implements the latest in Internet marketing techniques to improve the digital presence for our clients. We step outside the box to achieve remarkable results when it comes to getting our clients noticed in a crowded online world. From professional branding services to local SEO and graphic design as well as the most advanced IT support for the healthcare industry, CompTSS is your partner in today’s digitally dependent world.

Hundreds Of Happy Clients

CompTSS prides itself on its reputation. We deliver personalized service that is always prompt and affordable.

Premium Quality

We understand quality and strive to deliver the very best for our clients. Accepting second best is never an option with CompTSS.

Outstanding Client Support

At the very core of everything that CompTSS does is outstanding client support services. We put our clients first in order to achieve the highest levels of success. Experience the CompTSS client support difference today.

Detail Focused

CompTSS carefully analyzes the details for our clients in order to achieve truly remarkable results.

Decades of Experience

Let our experience work for you and your organization. Improved productivity, profitability and workplace harmony are just a call away.

Team of Experts

Working as a team, CompTSS will help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Regardless of the complexity of your IT infrastructure project or your online marketing goals, CompTSS can help.

Our Team

Shawn Shameli

Shawn Shameli


Bringing years of experience to the table, Shawn is the Chief Executive Officer of CompTSS. With a dedication and commitment to hard work, focus and smart innovation, Shawn is the driving force behind the company and its unique and success minded culture. Shawn is driven by complete and total client satisfaction.

Jessica Cole

Jessica Cole


Jessica has an in-depth understanding of Internet marketing and all that it entails. She works diligently with clients to ensure that the client’s goals and objectives are always met in a timely and successful manner. Her knowledge of Internet marketing is a powerful asset for CompTSS clients.

Farhad Fred Ranjbaran

Farhad Fred Ranjbarah



Known for having an incredible sense of photographic skill, Farhad uses images to bring to life people, places and inanimate objects in a very impressive way. Leveraging HD and high-resolution images, Farhad’s photography helps to enhance everything from websites to business brochures and other online presentations.

Elmira Heidari

Eli Heidari 


With over 5 years experience at Huawei Company, rewarded as an outstanding staff, capable of managing multiple task simultaneously, and meeting tight timelines.

Roya Moshrefi

Roya Moshrefi 


With over 6 years of experience in administration. Roya will make sure all your IT and marketing questions are answered and resolved. She has excellent customer service skills, and will handle your needs and challenges in timely manner.

Amir Bayat

Amir Bayat 


With over 8 years experience as a professional industrial IT supervisor committed to maintaining process application, system software, industrial server’s operating systems and databases, development and programming skills with up-to-date industry commercial knowledge.